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Income tax? Corporate tax?


Servicing; Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, Uplands, and the University area.

Our Accountants have been preparing Income Tax Returns for Victorians for over 30 years.

From reviewing the tax implications of various investments, to the preparation of tax returns and assisting with bookkeeping needs, we handle all areas of accounting.

We can also manage all correspondence with the various government tax departments, file returns electronically, send adjustment requests, order tax statements and request clearance certificates.

  • Personal Income Tax Preparation

    We have experience dealing with all areas of income tax services, including preparation of your return, filing "Adjustments" to previous returns, filing late returns, and explaining the issues and costs involved.... Read More.

  • Small Business Services & Home base business

    Most small business owners do not want to look after their own bookkeeping, let alone complete their own income tax return. For most small business, the "shoebox system" works fine, and we are able to take that information and produce the necessary documents for filing your tax return... Read More.

    Small Business Services Include:

    • Tax Preparation
    • Small business Advice
  • Corporations

    Corporate Taxes can be a complicated matter which can lead to many questions, and we can assist in answering them. We can also assist with the many procedures required to keep a corporation rolling forward... Read More.

    Corporate Services Include:

    • Filing Corporate Tax Returns
    • Preparing Year end documents
    • Incorporation? Should you? Advice.
  • Estate Services

    Since we have notaries on staff, we are very familiar with Will structures and their effect on the flow of money through an estate. Thus, we can help ensure that any funds pass to the beneficiaries with the best tax advantage possible... Read More.

    Estate Services Include:

    • Trust Returns (T3)
    • Year of death returns
  • Bill Paying Services

    Over the last several years more and more people have been requesting this service. As our population travels more frequently, and also ages, there needs to be someone paying the bills along the way... Read More.


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  • "When we purchased our home, Tim Shipley took us through all the legal work with patience and knowledge. We highly recommend his services."
    - Kerry & Carla Davies
  • “Tim has always looked after our tax needs with patience, humour, and accuracy.”

    - Mark & Tanis McNally-Dawes